What Sets Us Apart

Attentive, Personalized Dental Care

When you’re visiting Dr. Kristin Morris and our team, you are part of our family.

Ours is a small dental office, where we dedicate time to building trusting relationships with each person in our care. While our specialty is oral wellness, our focus is on the whole of you: we want you to enjoy a full and fulfilling life, with a healthy smile, mind, and body!

We have been honored to serve the Cedar Rapids area since 2000, helping individuals achieve their healthiest, most becoming smiles. Each of us looks forward to welcoming you to our family and being your partners as you achieve and maintain optimal oral and overall health.

A Different Approach to Dental Care

Our practice is based on the concept of health-centered, whole-person care. We are concerned about more than your teeth and strive to help you develop a healthier, happier life!

It starts with your first visit, a complimentary consultation, where we start getting to know you. Beyond your dental health history and concerns, we seek to learn about your lifestyle and interests, sleep patterns, and habits and activities. In short, we want to learn who you are and what is important to you, along with areas of your life where you might be having difficulties.

This initial conversation gives Dr. Morris insight into how best to improve your quality of life. She looks for sources of problems rather than just a way to fix issues, and will work with you to find long-term solutions.

Please know that we are non-judgmental, attentive listeners. In turn, also know that we are ethical, honest, and transparent. If you have questions, please ask, and if you have worries, let us know. The better we understand your desires and needs, the better we can serve you!

Our Practice

We see one person at a time, so you will always have our full attention and never feel rushed through an appointment.

Dr. Morris has dedicated herself to ongoing personal and professional development, staying current on the latest innovations in dentistry. She also actively explores non-traditional aspects of dentistry, in order to address the whole of your needs and desires.

This dedication to caring for individuals, rather than thinking of you as another patient, is shared by Lynnette, our dental hygienist, and Jessica, our dental assistant. The three of us have worked together since 2000 and are committed to providing you with worry-free experiences.

Schedule Your Consultation

We welcome the opportunity to meet and talk with you, discuss your expectations, and show you what personalized, quality dental care looks like.

Please contact our Cedar Rapids office to learn more and schedule your consultation, today!

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